Big Red - Learn to Solder Project

The Lakeshore Makers very first project is called the Big Red Learn to Solder Project. The project teaches participants the basics of soldering, and lets them walk away with a cool badge!

The kit will include a custom printed circuit board in the shape of Holland's famous Big Red Lighthouse and electronics that students will solder to make Big Red light up!

We first used Big Red Project at the 2015 Tulip Time's Kinderplaats event in Holland Michigan, teaching many kids a bit about electronics and how to solder. Since then we've run this program at our local Herrick District Library, Hope College Summer Science Camp, and for both Girl and Boy scouts.

We find that our explorers can complete this project in about 20 minutes. The event runs well with one Mentor per two soldering irons.

Are you interested in running a Big Red soldering project at your organization? Let us know! We'd love to help you teach more people about soldering, and the Maker Movement!

Are you interested in running a Big Red learn to solder event at your organization? Just email and we can get you going!

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