Get Involved

Lakeshore Makers is seeking Makers! Be you young, be you old. Be you a newb, be you a guru. We would like you to join us in our programs.

New Makers

One of our primary missions is to help you discover. Have you ever soldered a circuit board? How about programmed a robot? Have you ever designed something and printed it on a 3D printer? What if it's your thing!? We want to help you find your passion through programs that let you discover, experiment and Make.

Experienced Makers

Hey, we need your help. Come share your passion.

Email List

We maintain an email forum called lakeshoremakers, We highly recommend you subscribe to get the latest news.

HacksterHolland Meetup

We have regular meetups for hacking technology such as Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, Internet of Things, and the like Be sure to visit and join our Meetup page

Please contact us with your interest by using our Contact Us page